Chicken Thigh Week – Friday

Friday 3/24

After 47 years as a cardiologist with 200,000 patient visits, I can firmly say that vegans are my healthiest patients. I certainly agree with you it is not easy. My position is that 90% vegan which is 19 of 21 meals a week will do just fine. Foods should be, prior to preparation, ideally organic and unprocessed whole foods exactly as they grow up out of the ground and in the field.

H Robert Silverstein, MD, FACC

I found this quote in the comments section of an online article years ago. The 90% Solution has been my targeted balance of meals ever since. Yet the older I get the more I realize things are never that simple nor easy. Life is never simple nor easy. Too many of us don’t know what we don’t know.

More Things I’ve Learned About Myself

Over time I’ve revealed more personal information. At first I hesitated to share personal details about my journey. Now I’m much more relaxed about my privacy than in the past.

My personal journal remains my primary journal. My blogs have become journals as well. They’re all me. Remember what is here is only a part of me.

I write differently in my personal journal than I do in my public journals.

Writing in a journal has incredible health benefits so Keep a Journal (not just about food). Going back in time develops wisdom.

For the first time I’ve taken a deeper dive into where I’ve been in this blog. Some of what I discovered surprised me. I sometimes don’t follow my own advice. It is always easier to say rather than to do. It’s been quite some time since I posted Keep a Journal/Food Diary. I can’t remember the last time I tracked my meals.

When The Boss is away I listen to more jazz when working.

I’ve taught myself how to write more in my journals during the day when taking work breaks.

Today’s Meals

Breakfast – Buttered whole wheat toast, oatmeal with raisins, milk

Lunch – Two soft beef tacos

Snack – crackers

Dinner – Black bean chili, Texas Corn Bread

No Chicken!


11 Replies to “Chicken Thigh Week – Friday”

  1. Very interesting musings. I really like the meals for today. I had to look up the recipe for the Texas cornbread. It sounds delicious. But anybody in the deep South would have a fit when they saw that it contain sugar. That is a no-no down here.

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