Happy 4th of July 2019

Lee 4th of July Mini 2019-12

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Tiny Taste Tester – June 2019 Update


  • French Toast – 5 Stars
  • Silver Dollar Yogurt Pancakes – 5 Stars
  • Spaghetti with Homemade Marinara Sauce – 5 Stars
  • Chicken Stroganoff over Egg Noodles – 5 Stars

Sorry dear readers.  None of these recipes are on this blog.



Eat More Fiber

If there’s one thing the standard American diet (SAD) lacks, it’s fiber. Daily recommendations are set at 25 to 30 grams, but less than 3 percent of Americans consume that much.[1] In fact, most are getting an average of only 15 grams per day.[2] By contrast, among more than 71,000 subjects participating in the Adventist Health Study-2, those consuming a vegan diet (5,694 subjects) consumed an average of 46 grams of fiber daily.[3]

The Fiber Dilemma – Eating Plant-Based Without Tummy Trouble

Read the full article at the link above.

An Open Letter to Terry and Tom



Dear Terry and Tom,

THANK YOU for hosting an incredible evening. The Lee Maine excursion came together after Mom passed on to her ultimate adventure January 16th. By the end of January we all knew York was our destination. The East Coast siblings plus the Elders from Edmond Oklahoma were the original group but within a short time our children and their significant ones also decided to join us in Maine. The gathering was now large and we all pretty much knew it would be near impossible for everyone to do the same things at the same time.

Your invitation for dinner meant there would be one evening where we would all be together. And the evening was very special. Your generosity and compassion were on full display. I was and am still deeply moved.

Mom was happiest on family vacations. Even after I left the nest and the rest of the family got to go on awesome trips (without me) Mom always thought of me, especially when she shopped at those stupid gift shops with some of the most expensive crap that only Mom would buy. I still have the duck letter opener she gave me. I had to toss out the crab shaped red plastic address book because it broke. There was a lot more stuff. Every single damn trip. Mom continued to buy me a gift shop special from every trip she took that made me shake my head and go “Thanks Mom. This is nice. What the hell is it?”

Terry and Tom, I cannot thank you enough. Mom brought us all together that night at your house. She was with us that night. I know this because I felt her presence in the room. Maybe you did too. Time to stop writing. I’m crying too much right now.

Plant-Based Harm Reduction

Plant-Based Diet Linked to Lower Heart Failure Risk

The study was published in the April 30 issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Researchers followed more than 16,000 adults (mean age, 64 years) with no known coronary heart disease (CHD) or HF at baseline, comparing those who adhered to a plant-based diet with those who consumed a Southern diet, consisting of more fried and processed foods and sweetened drinks. They found that the plant-based diet was associated with a 41% lower risk for incident HF with the highest vs lowest adherence, while the Southern diet was associated with a 71% higher risk for HF with higher vs lower adherence, after adjustment for potential demographic, lifestyle, and medical confounders.

Plant-Based Diets Help Reduce Kidney Disease Risk Long Term

A diet that favors plant-based foods, as well as a completely vegetarian diet, modestly reduces the long-term risk of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in the general population provided individuals are not overweight or obese to begin with, a new community-based cohort study indicates.


I am not a vegan.


Print Books are Better for Toddlers

Print is better.

Dr. Jenny Radesky, study author and associate editor of NEJM Journal Watch Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, commented: “Even though we recommend parent-child co-viewing of media, this research suggests that it’s more difficult to engage in rich back-and-forth interactions with children when interactive media have their attention. Pediatric providers might want to help parents reflect upon this attention-grabbing nature of modern technology — which parents may feel themselves at times — and encourage families to choose play objects such as print books and simple toys that are easier to connect around.”

Differences in Parent-Toddler Interactions With Electronic Versus Print Books

Low Meat or No Meat?

“Did you see the Loma Linda study that shows eating even small amounts of red meat will cause an early death?”

“Yes I did.  What did you think of the study?”

“Uh…I didn’t read it.”

To be honest I got pretty excited when I saw the headline:

Eating small amounts of red and processed meats may increase risk of early death

Click bait works.  So I read the article.  Then I went to the the journal Nutrients downloaded the actual study and read it.

Red and Processed Meat and Mortality in a Low Meat Intake Population

Decent study but remember correlation is not causation.  And the inherent limitations in most studies of this type will be measurement error in dietary assessment as the research team itself fully acknowledges.  As I was reading this study my attention turned to this:

During a mean follow-up of 11.8 years, there were 7961 deaths, of which 2598 were due to CVD and 1873 were due to cancers. Compared with zero-intake subjects, those with the highest intake of unprocessed red meat were younger, less educated, and less physically active. They also had higher prevalence of current smoking, alcohol use, and slightly higher BMI. Regarding dietary characteristics, they tended to have lower intakes of cruciferous vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, and nuts and seeds, and higher intakes of dairy, eggs, unprocessed poultry, and processed meat.

And this:

AHS-2 participants were requested at enrollment to complete a quantitative food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) consisting of more than 200 food items. Unprocessed red meat intake was reported as two items in the FFQ: “hamburger, ground beef (in casserole, meatballs, etc.)” and “beef or lamb as a main dish (e.g., steak, roast, stew, and pot pies)”. Processed meat was reported as: “processed beef, lamb (e.g., sausage, salami, and bologna)” and “processed chicken or turkey (e.g., turkey bologna, and turkey ham)”. Pork was classified as processed meat because most of the pork products listed in the single pork question in the FFQ were processed (i.e., “pork (bacon, sausage, ham, chops, ribs, and lunch-meat)”). The frequency of intake ranged from “never or rarely” to “2+ per day”, and serving sizes consisted of three levels (a half serving, standard serving (3–4 oz.), and one-and-a-half servings).

I am still not a vegan.