The Future Best Seller

The Future Best Seller is my book project. Quite honestly, the writing has been tedious and slow with many back to back years of writer’s block. But the older you get the less time you have to finish your masterpiece so the drafts of my book chapters will begin appearing more frequently as pages on this menu. All of these chapters are drafts and will likely change over time as I continue to write, edit, and rewrite The Future Best Seller.

Please revisit often (if only to laugh at how much writing and work gets tossed out and and replaced with what I consider to be better than the last version). I’ve already discarded the title I settled upon because it doesn’t fit anymore.

Update 11.10.21

I took a week off from my Day Job because I had to (this is an entirely different story). So I was excited to have time to work on The Future Best Seller. On the sixth day of ten I finally sat down to work. I wrote one paragraph. It took me an hour. Progress!

Update 01.01.22

I was rearranging my journal in preparation for the new year and found an almost publishable draft. So I spent some time on the first day of the year to edit and polish Worship the Whale.


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