Welcome to my food memoir. Here you will find stories about weight loss and weight maintenance, the occasional recipe, and nutrition research. In my Day Job I’m a subject matter expert in the field of mortality risk assessment. I’ve spent most of my life researching what kills people. It’s been quite an enjoyable career. If you’re curious about my professional skills go to my other blog https://lifeunderwriter.net/

I am a published writer (but haven’t published anywhere other than my blogs in years), amateur philosopher, extremely good cook, bargain shopper, professional Papa, decent blues guitarist and most importantly a self-proclaimed expert in weight loss and weight loss maintenance.

One of the multi-generational skill sets in my family is cooking. We all love to cook and good food is a big part of all of our lives. Over time my interests in cooking and food veered towards nutrition and diet. I now understand how many of us commit to a slow suicidal path through our food choices. I was determined to not be another victim.

As a former 370 pound human I encourage all of my readers to understand one very important point. You have more control over your life and health than you realize. You can choose to not become a victim of the larger and more powerful forces we all face daily. No matter where you are on your personal journey I hope you find some useful information here and encouragement for your personal weight loss journey during your visit.

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5.10 168 – Updated October 13, 2022

PS. Sorry about all the ads but my WordPress account is the low end “free” version. I earn nothing from my blogs and any products mentioned by name are not endorsements.

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