How To Decide if It’s a Lentil Soup Day

It’s a lentil soup day.

A lot of readers liked Spanish Style Lentils and so do I. But today I’m making my time tested lentil soup recipe which you can find here The Pandemic Pantry -Lentil Soup. Or if you’re feeling adventurous try one of the Lentil Recipes – The First Mess which to be honest I haven’t tried yet.

I’m glad I don’t need mushrooms because I used the one I bought recently in another dish.

Absolutely not an altered photo. Just one very large button mushroom.

I added more carrots and so far at the 30 minute mark I’ve used the entire quart of organic low sodium chicken broth. I did not use the mutant carrot because it went bad before I could use it.

You’re starting to see some interesting produce nowadays.

Today’s post was for the critic who complained about the lack of pictures in this blog.


5 Replies to “How To Decide if It’s a Lentil Soup Day”

    1. Ever since the Pioneer Woman rose to fame most if not all food blogger post step by step pictures of their creations. All I want to do is have a handy place to keep my recipes and some fun while doing it. Lentils are a type of bean/legume and yes, they are quite healthy. The only bad weather we got was a lot of rain and high winds. Today is cold so it’s a soup night!

      1. Is the Pioneer Woman an actual blog? Kind of like a comic book? We are under a severe weather advisory. My greatest worry is that it encroaches on my walking time. If I go on the treadmill I don’t get the same number of steps counted. I am very compulsive about my workout log.

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