Bluesman54 – Project #1 – Update 12.13.21

Nice body.
  1. Revive Frankenstrat II project from 2006. I bought a beat up used guitar way back and took it apart. I still have all of the parts except for the body which disappeared somewhere in Stillwater Oklahoma around 15 years ago. So I needed a body.
  2. Rename project. This project is now known as Bluesman54 Project #1.
  3. Bought a body.
  4. Decided I lacked the experience and skills to do a proper job.
  5. Project work postponed.
  6. Find a local luthier to build my project.

2 Replies to “Bluesman54 – Project #1 – Update 12.13.21”

    1. Especially when you think you know what to do only to discover along the way you have no clue what’s really involved. Once I learned the process in producing a quality finished piece of wood I realized the project was well beyond my skill set.

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