An Email From a Friend (it’s the little things that matter most)

“Writers might despair or suffer writer’s block, usually loudly, but they don’t decide to quit unless they are even more disturbed than they had to be in order to become writers in the first place.”

Herbert Gold – Not Dead Yet: A Feisty Bohemian Explores the Art of Growing Old

Last year during the holidays it was a text message from a man I used to do business with. This year it was a simple short email that brought a smile to my face. The following exchange happened today, edited lightly for reading.

Sun 12/12

Hey G-man, how you doing? It’s T-Box. Just wanted to say hi and wish you and your family a Happy Holidays. Hope everyone is healthy and doing well.

You still working? I know you are getting old and have some grandbabies you would rather spend time with.

Deb and I are doing well, staying home and staying healthy. Been looking at moving back to Missouri “from wenz I came” or something like that. Still working, at least until I drop dead. If Deb can figure out a way for me to draw a paycheck after I’m dead, I may be working even after that.

Anyway, Happy Holidays and take care.

Hey T-Box, always good to hear from you and glad to know you’re not dead yet. I hope everyone on your side is healthy and doing well despite nearly two years of The Great Pandemic. Never forget how fortunate we both are during these difficult times.

Yes I am still working. Getting old is a process and a privlege denied to many. The best part about getting old is you’re not old until you get there. You and I aren’t quite there. Yet.

We would love spending more time with The Tiny Generation. But for now 1-2 visits a month is fine and there’s plenty of video chats in between.

Barb and I have also talked about moving closer to the tiny people. But there’s no guarantee one or both of their parents might get a job offer they simply cannot refuse and move away Also anything we buy will be smaller and more expensive than the house we’re in. So those conversations continue…

Let’s agree to keep as much distance between Deb and Barb as we possibly can. They think alike which is a scary thing. If they ever put their heads together they’ll figure out a way for both of us to keep working after we’re dead. Sounds like a rough eternity if you ask me.

Happy Holidays, take care of yourselves and each other. Stay in touch!


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