The Pups – Update September 2022

The pups back in July. Remember these guys?

The pups after replanting and spending an ungodly number of days in 100+ degree heat. I didn’t think they would survive.

But they did.

The Boss says if I retire I need a hobby. Voila! New hobby!

4 Replies to “The Pups – Update September 2022”

    1. Hydrangeas. When I learned how the baby plants (pups) are created by the parent I decided to try growing some. I tend to kill most things I try to plant in the yard. Hence my level of amazement that these little ones survived.

      1. I hope to plant a hydrangea in my yard this year what do you recommend? I’d like to put it in the backyard where it’s pretty shady. It would get some afternoon sun. Do you think it might do OK there?

      2. I’m not an expert on gardening and would normally defer to someone else to answer this question. But with the help of The Google I’ve learned some simple tips. Shady is good. This plant does not like full sun. Soil with good drainage. Prune off dead stalks as you head towards the winter months. And when you find little pups in the spring hiding beneath the parent canopy snip them off, extract from the ground and transfer to tiny pots to allow the root systems to grow.

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