16 Vegetarian Dumpling Recipes – Vegetarian Times

The linkhttps://www.vegetariantimes.com/vegan-vegetarian-recipes/vegetarian-dumpling-recipes/

And yet another post/link in my sporadic electronic sticky note series. I may have made dumplings once or twice in my entire life. There are some recipes here I want to try if and when I get into a dumpling mood.

Happy New Year!


5 Replies to “16 Vegetarian Dumpling Recipes – Vegetarian Times”

  1. I really like all sorts of dumplings. I just finished watching a very interesting documentary series on HBO max produced by Lisa Ling called Takeout. It featured all sorts of Asian food from around the world and a lot about all the various cultures.

      1. Oh my gosh, I love those raviolis. I haven’t had them in years. It’s easy to find all sorts of Asian dumplings around here, but the tortellini‘s are a challenge.

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