Eat More Walnuts – the WAHA Study

“Regularly eating walnuts will lower your LDL cholesterol and improve the quality of LDL particles, rendering them less prone to enter the arterial wall and build up atherosclerosis, and this will occur without unwanted weight gain in spite of the high-fat — healthy vegetable fat, though — content of walnuts,” Emilio Ros, MD, PhD, senior author of the Walnuts and Healthy Aging (WAHA) study, said in an interview.

WAHA is a parallel-group, randomized, controlled trial that followed 636 patients over 2 years at centers in Loma Linda, Calif., and Barcelona. They were randomly assigned to either a walnut-free or walnut-supplemented diet, and every 2 months they were underwent nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and recorded their compliance, toleration, medication changes, and body weight.

Walnuts Lowered LDL Cholesterol in Healthy Seniors: WAHA Study – Medscape – Aug 30, 2021.

The study was funded by the California Walnut Commission.

But don’t let that stop you from eating walnuts.


6 Replies to “Eat More Walnuts – the WAHA Study”

    1. All nuts provide health benefits but the studies showing these benefits are mostly observational and you take it for what it’s worth. Walnuts may be the healthiest nut we can eat. But even a little bit of nuts are better than no nuts. With respect to walnuts effect on LDL I am not aware of any other studies on other nuts that demonstrate the same lowering effect.

      1. You have the same nut pattern as my wife. Her breakfast never changes. Yogurt topped with berries and nuts. Mostly walnuts with almonds occasionally for variety. Her lipids are better than my lipids and she is not on a statin.

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