Chicken Thigh Week – Wednesday

Weds 3/22

The Anti-Bunko meeting last night was a rousing success. Seven showed up and five of us ordered zero sides. Two ordered tots with their burgers. I guess it takes some people a longer time to learn why their jeans no longer fit.

I’m not sure if it was last night’s burger or busyness at work but I wasn’t hungry this morning. I didn’t notice any signs of hunger til around 10:30 AM. So while I may describe my meals as most people would, the times are definitely not the typical meal times. This turned out to be a good day to practice how to Eat Only When Hungry.

We should add eating only when hungry to this post Five healthy habits net more healthy years — Malheur County Health Department and make it Six Healthy Habits.

On Wednesdays the local store changes their weekly ad. I pulled the ad up online and to my surprise found boneless chicken thighs for $1.99/lb!

Chicken Thigh Week! An excuse to get out of the house!

But I was disappointed.

Avoid purchasing chicken if the package has excess liquid sitting in it. The excess liquid usually results from the conventional method of immersing chickens in water to chill them to an appropriate temperature. These liquids are expelled by the chicken once it is in the tray, which weakens the flavor and results in a mushy texture.

Guide on the different types of industrial chicken

I did not buy any cheap chicken thighs BUT I did find one package of the $2.99/lb not as cheap chicken thighs. Now I have plenty of chicken thighs both boneless and bone-in.

So far my meals for today:

Breakfast – Raisin bran, soy milk banana at 10:30 AM

Lunch – cup of soup from the pot I never got around to freezing portions at 1:30 PM

Second Lunch – 2 roast chicken wraps with organic greens and hot honey coarse mustard at 3:00 PM.

It’s “dinner time” now and I’m not hungry.


5 Replies to “Chicken Thigh Week – Wednesday”

  1. Why would meat departments immerse chicken in water if it changes the consistency to mush?

    I really like the advice about eating when hungry. Growing up I had a terrible relationship with food. My parents had set meal times and one had to eat what was served at the precise time. Even if not hungry, I was made to eat. When I WAS hungry meals weren’t served. It was pretty awful. It is so nice now being able to eat when I am hungry and not have to eat when I’m not hungry.

    1. Water is used as an antimicrobial bath during the processing to kill bugs. Meat departments and/or companies that produce for retail might use a water based injection solution to keep the meat moist. This is usually on the packaging in very small fine print. Since the packages I viewed did not have a brand name and demonstrated excess liquid I did not buy any. Worst case scenario for me are the previously frozen sold as fresh.

      1. You don’t know. That’s the problem. I’ve seen similar packaging where the chicken was being sold frozen. So in a situation of not knowing I play it safe.

      2. What are you doing to play it safe.? Just buy brand names or not. Buy anything that has liquid in it. What is the best way to know if the chicken is good?

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