Reasons For Weight Regain

The primary reason for weight regain is biology. The brain defends against weight loss because of an old biological play book. If our ancestors lost weight, it was not to look good for a wedding or because of bathing suit season. Back then, weight loss was either because of illness or an interrupted food supply. Simply put, defending against weight loss was defending against death.

Guest Post: Reasons For Weight Regain –

This blog post is filed under “Things I Wish I Knew 50 Years Ago”.

If you struggle with weight loss followed by weight gain this article could save you from years of riding the roller coaster.

I just got back from a trip to Colorado, Craft Beer Capital of the World.

Here’s what happened. Nothing!


3 Replies to “Reasons For Weight Regain”

    1. I developed a new mantra: FEAR THE BEER. I had a total of two beers in Colorado (three if you count the one in Kansas on the return trip). I walked more and the bedrooms in rental were on the second floor thus more stair climbing. While I did not limit the types of food I ate, I absolutely limited the quantities. Finally upon my return I didn’t behave badly by thinking my metabolism had changed enough to discontinue all of the good habits I usually engage in. Live and learn!

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