More Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) please

Experiments in mice found that CMC, and some other emulsifiers, altered gut bacteria resulting in more severe disease in a range of chronic inflammatory conditions, including colitis, metabolic syndrome and colon cancer. However, the extent to which such results are applicable to humans had not been previously investigated. The team performed a randomized controlled-feeding study in healthy volunteers. Participants, housed at the study site, consumed an additive-free diet or an identical diet supplemented with carboxymethylcellulose (CMC). Because the diseases CMC promotes in mice take years to arise in humans, the researchers focused here on intestinal bacteria and metabolites. They found that CMC consumption changed the make-up of bacteria populating the colon, reducing select species. Furthermore, fecal samples from CMC-treated participants displayed a stark depletion of beneficial metabolites that are thought to normally maintain a healthy colon.

Georgia State University. “Ubiquitous food additive alters human microbiota and intestinal environment.” ScienceDaily. (accessed December 5, 2021).

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16 Replies to “More Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) please”

      1. I just had my Sunday pint of ice cream. I’ll have to go check and see if it was in there. I usually get Ben & Jerry’s. Sometimes Talenti gelato.

      2. It is my favorite gelato brand. For ice cream my favorites are Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs. And my favorite flavor is the Tonight Dough.

      3. I love my ice cream. And will continue with it as long as my BMI stays in a reasonable range. Eating healthy the rest of the week and a little Lipitor keep the lipids in check.

      4. Plus the consumption of some dietary cholesterol sends instructions to your liver to make less cholesterol. I am on low dose (10mg) Lovastatin. When I added a bit more cheese and eggs to my diet my numbers were slightly better. I’m also off the non-fat yogurt and enjoying more fuller fat yogurts. 5% Fage is my favorite.

      5. Interesting about the eggs and cheese. I like those. I have never tasted the 5% Fage. I always get the nonfat. I may have to indulge. It is my favorite brand of yogurt.

      6. I just looked at the container, and the only mystery ingredients were carrageenan in guar gum.

        So maybe my Sunday treat is good for my gut? Also there was chocolate in it which is supposed to be good for the heart.

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