Finally Feeling Normal

Monday I restarted a food diary. The recollection of my indiscipline over the past several months plus a recent online article on this topic reminded me of the effectiveness of writing down what you eat especially if you want to lose weight or maintain what was lost. Put simply I’ve been bad. Time once again to get better at what I need to do. Two months ago I wrote “I’m not sure how much longer I can cheat like this and not gain any weight but I’m sure enjoying whatever time I have before I need to start restricting certain foods and drinks”.

The scale read 176 a few days ago.

I hit The Panic Button.

At the present I am walking a tightrope between normal and overweight.

The struggle continues. But sometimes I plug in the old numbers to remind myself of the old me.


5 Replies to “Finally Feeling Normal”

  1. I’m going to download the BMI calculator. Or is there a simpler way to do it without having to download an app?

    Please keep us posted with your progress and I’ll do the same.

      1. For me BMI is a better number than the actual pound and ounce number. BMI keeps me focused. The food diary is a stark reminder of intake both quantity and quality. Just another tool in the tool belt.

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