Eat More Sauerkraut

Over the 10-week randomised dietary intervention, the high-fibre diet increased levels of microbiome-encoded glycan-degrading carbohydrate active enzymes (CAZymes) without altering the intestinal flora, whereas the high-fermented-food diet incrementally increased microbiota diversity while decreasing inflammatory markers.

Here’s Why You Need To Eat Your Sauerkraut! Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes –

I like sauerkraut. I like pickles. I really like yogurt.

But please don’t come anywhere near me with that kim-chi stuff.


2 Replies to “Eat More Sauerkraut”

  1. Could you find a more specific list of good fermented foods? I like yogurt and kefir. I have never ever seen fermented cottage cheese in the store. Which fermented vegetables are good? I’m not big on sauerkraut. It gives me gas.

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