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Album Notes
“Deadspace” refers to a part of the body that is available for its physiologic purpose, but for some reason is not being used, for example the air in a person’s mouth at the end of a breath that will not reach the lungs. A broader conception of this idea might be some sort of “undefined existence,” which is constant and pervasive in the emergency room, where lives are simultaneously beginning and ending. Very few occurrences can be defined well in absolute terms, and nothing can usually be very well explained. But we do our best to lead a good life, and, if we’re lucky, we may earn a good death.

Woonsocket traces the surreal rise and fall of a northern RI mill town, from its idyllic origins and through the boom of the industrial revolution to our current dual-epidemics of violence and opioid addiction.

Young and Reckless is a coming to age narrative built out of a collection of fragmented memories.

Oh Woman was the first song written by the group, and can be considered Rock Blues. It is a straightforward battle cry on navigating a new relationship.

Heaven and Hell is the only acoustic based song on the album. Heaven and Hell is a hopeless attempt to make sense of doctors’ and patients’ responses to devastating illness and injury.

In a Lie is fierce; created to be played live, distorted and loud. It is a simple tale of a past relationship and it’s dysfunction.

Protect the King was born after first witnessing what could only be described as a “good” death, as represented by it’s atypical structure. A young man at the end of his struggle with cancer decided to discontinue treatment and die peacefully, surrounded by his family. Although it was painful for them, they stayed with him and held him until he died.

The trio formed during their residency training in Emergency Medicine in Providence, Rhode Island. “deadspace,” the eclectic debut LP, was inspired by experiences old and new, and explores opposing forces.
Genre: Pop: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 2018
© Copyright – Lightfighter

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