Teaching Students to Cook Now Makes Them Better Doctors Later

Lifestyle factors — including nutrition, physical activity and stress — are critical determinants of health and, when poorly managed, can cause a veritable pandemic of chronic disease and unsustainable health care costs. Yet despite overwhelming connections between lifestyle factors and disease, most medical schools lack a cohesive approach to helping students translate their basic science education into practical patient advice and care.

via Teaching Students to Cook Now Makes Them Better Doctors Later.

I’m not quite sure if I actually taught my offspring how to cook.  But having a role model certainly helps.  My father did all the cooking when I was a kid.  One day I asked, “Why do you do all the cooking?” and his reply was,

“You’ve tasted your Mother’s cooking.  Survival.”

I taught myself how to cook because I thought all Dads did the cooking.  Don’t they?



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