Chicken Thigh Week – Thursday

Thurs 3/23 Update 5:25 pm

I’m learning a lot about myself this week from tracking my meals. Since The Boss is away my meals and eating habits are totally my own. I don’t have to think about, shop for, plan or cook with someone else’s preferences in mind. I like not having regularly scheduled meals. I much prefer to Eat Only When Hungry. Last night I didn’t have a big dinner meal, just a cup of homemade chili beans.

Things I’ve Learned About Myself

I spend far more time at grocery stores than I realized.

I like spending time in grocery stores.

I tend to shop the sales and plan meals around what I end up buying with basic pantry items already in the house (ahem, Chicken Thigh Week?).

I do not like wasting food and will eat leftovers until I get sick and tired of them. I’ll also incorporate food items into several different meals to reduce food waste. For example I picked up a tub of organic greens for $1.49 (yes, you read that right) which I’ve been eating all week. The tub got eaten up today.

Although I once said I’m incapable of creating a 7 day meal plan I think I’m getting better and feel I can now plan a full day ahead.

I eat a lot of peanut butter.

Today’s meals –

Breakfast – Strawberries, banana and full fat Greek yogurt. Two Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes.

Lunch – Toasted Irish Cheddar Cheese sandwich with organic greens and mustard.

Snack – apple

Lunch #2 – cup of soup, PB on whole wheat bread

Dinner – Roasted Chickpea and Veggie Burrito (see Veggie Burrito Spice Blend for the seasonings).


6 Replies to “Chicken Thigh Week – Thursday”

    1. The second lunch was two hours after the first lunch which was a very small sandwich that didn’t sustain me the entire afternoon. So I ate again.

      I am a Jif guy but recently discovered the Target private label brand of PB to be pretty dang close.

      I updated my post. Pivoted away from chili to a veggie burrito.

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