Chicken Thigh Week (vegans/vegetarians avert your eyes)

The Truth Machine read 169.8 up from 167.4 in just 24 hours. It still amazes me how sensitive I am to what I eat. Yesterday we tried a new breakfast place and I probably ate 3x what I normally eat at the midday break. The uptick in weight was expected given the quantity and salty/fattiness of my bowl which consisted of three eggs, fried potatoes, cheese, and veggies. There was a giant biscuit with butter on the side. I also finished The Boss’ giant biscuit, potatoes and one slice of her bacon. There you go. Do I know how to gain weight or what?

Welcome to Chicken Thigh Week. The local store advertised boneless chicken thighs for $2.99/lb which translated (for me) into time to stock up. But when I got to the store there were no boneless thighs. They sold out. Bone-in chicken thighs were $1.49/lb so I picked up a package with the full intent to de-bone them at home. When I got home I discovered a package of bone-in thighs in the freezer. Now I have over five pounds of chicken thighs. Now we have Chicken Thigh Week!

Tonight a simple roast chicken.

I defrosted what I found in the freezer to use the older package first. Smple oven roasted honey soy chicken. My second surprise was discovering my Honey Soy and/or Maple Marinade recipe is ancient and needs updating. So here’s my latest greatest version of Honey Soy Marinade using pantry and and spice rack items.

Marinate the chicken thighs for two hours minimum. Roast on a rack at 400 degrees F for 35-45 minutes. Don’t worry about overcooking, especially the large pieces. They are chicken thighs.

Nutrition info here


2 Replies to “Chicken Thigh Week (vegans/vegetarians avert your eyes)”

  1. Why do they serve such huge portions at these restaurants! I have read that a good way for portion control is to request a to go box when the meal is served. And before even starting to eat, put 2/3 of the entrée into the to go box and set it aside.

    I have tried this, and it works for me. As a child, I was so ingrained to finish my plate. And also when things taste good for me, it’s hard to stop eating. I have friends who have no difficulty with this and regularly eat just a quarter of what is served. But I do better making the decision right at the beginning and then putting the to go box out of sight.

    1. Answer to your first question: to give the customer a perception of value, bigger is better. The take away box is a great idea. I typically eat half and save half for another meal. My meal out was an exception, not standard operating procedure.

      I too was trained as a child to finish everything on my plate. Just another thing I had to unlearn.

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