Cat Food Shortages!!! — Feline Café

Supermarket cat food aisle

Cat Food Shortages — Feline Café

This IS a food blog by the way…


6 Replies to “Cat Food Shortages!!! — Feline Café”

  1. Ut oh, I just canceled our subscribe and save delivery for this month. I think I better add it back on while it’s still available. Must keep Lily Rose happy.

    1. Here’s my favorite supply chain shortage story. My brother in law down in TX can’t find his favorite peanut butter and cracker brand. My local grocery store has a slim but steady supply. So far, I’ve stocked up eight boxes for him. We are moving back to the barter economy.

      1. Not stockpiling but serving as a source for Baker’s German Chocolate for the classic cake of the same name. The Boss wanted to make this cake but none of these baking bars were on the shelves. I stopped searching after the third store. In TX we found plenty in stock at a store close to our brother in law. I had refused to allow the purchase of a DOZEN from Amazon (because I personally don’t need 12 German Chocolate cakes over the next year. So in the future assuming the stores by us don’t have this chocolate, we have a source.

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