Chapter One – The Future Best Seller

This weekend the writing Mojo returned. I’ve begun exploring bits and pieces of writing from the past and abandoned my pursuit of perfection. A few hours of work, rewrites, and editing produced two short “potato chip” chapters of The Future Best Seller. You’ll find new chapter links in the top menu.

It helps having the day off from my Day Job.

Two chapters done and 38 more to go!


5 Replies to “Chapter One – The Future Best Seller”

    1. A true rag to riches story of a New York Chinaman,blues guitar playing amateur chef insurance guy. From New York to Oklahoma, from working poor to well off, from almost college teacher to insurance executive, an ordinary story about an ordinary life. A story of losing 200 pounds and keeping it off.

      1. Thanks! You’ll be able to read half the book for free as I post chapters on the blog. My sales and marketing strategy is to give half the book away for free and sell the full book online cheap. My alternative strategy is to discovered by Oprah and experience instant fame and fortune.

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