Random Thoughts Before Thanksgiving 2021

Sat 11/13

Random Thoughts

The digital display this morning was 172. Not surprising since I fasted a full day while having only a gallon of Gatorade mixed with 238 grams of Miralax two days ago. Thanksgiving is in less than two weeks. I might have discovered a fool proof method for losing a few pounds quickly. No solid food, no alcohol, flush out your GI tract.

A week ago we were in Lake Conroe TX for a wedding and since I had a ton of PTO saved up I took a week off from my Day Job. Over the years I’ve been guilty of preaching one thing and doing the exact opposite. I cannot recall the last time I took a full work week off. This year I took time off to take care of myself. It was a perfect week for a day of fasting. My vision exam was also an eye opener.

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels.com

I learned a lot about myself this past week (not all good). The Future Best Seller? One day I sat my butt in my chair to work on my book and I wrote one paragraph. It took me an hour. Blog writing is easy. Book writing is difficult. Journal writing is easy. Writing a book is HARD WORK. Maybe a change in writing strategy is needed. I’ll book write as if I’m writing in my journal, tag the entry for later, and use that as the basis of an essay/chapter with a ton of rewriting and editing. Still might take an hour per paragraph…

I’m headed into the 2021 Holiday Season in a good frame of mind and seven pounds lighter than the day after Thanksgiving a year ago. (see Random Thoughts the Day After Thanksgiving 2020). The extended family has grown to the point where it’s nearly impossible to have everyone together at the same place and same time. For only the second time since moving north of the Red River we are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner. Four Texans are coming over and I’m almost ready with the majority of items needed already purchased. I even have dog treats for the new furry family member.


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      1. I’m in a similar situation but not quite so advanced. He estimated 5 to 7 years. My parents didn’t have theirs done until they were in their mid-80s.

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