Random Thoughts 02.28.16

My problem is that with the two of us, I just need more people to feed. – Sue Lau

It took some time and effort but I think I’ve finally broken some old habits.  When I shopped for groceries if I found something, anything on sale I’d buy it.  Ten pounds of boneless chicken thighs at $1.77 a pound?  Bought it.  Organic carrots five pounds for $4.00?  Bought it.  Dried pasta on sale for $0.99 a pound?  There was a time when I didn’t have to buy pasta for six months.  I was particularly bad with fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy.  But when I started tossing stuff in the garbage because it went bad before I could use it I knew I had to change.

The other habit (which was easier to break BTW) was making enough of one dish to feed eight or more.  Gradually I reduced the quantities of the dishes I cooked so that the leftover collection in the freezer got to a manageable level.  Besides, I got real tired of eating leftover leftovers.

I shop more frequently but buy less.  I’m not wasting as much food due to spoilage.  The cupboard remains well stocked but not overflowing.  I have adjusted to just the two of us and it wasn’t easy.

The half and half in the fridge says use by February 26.






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