Happy Holidays 2015


I haven’t been a very good boy this year Santa.  It seems every year is the same.  I want to write more and dig some more recipes out of my brain but life gets in the way.  This year was both good and bad for me.  While I’d like to blame aging and memory loss, the truth behind the lack of words was something else.  A child leaves the nest. My best friend died this year.  Around the same time I was adjusting to additional hours needed for a second work project.  I look back, especially at this online journal and can see when the writing stopped.

But as it always does we humans change and adapt.  The words are flowing again.  The recipes are popping up and asking “Did you write me down yet?”  I’ve adjusted to my new normal and changed my shopping and cooking habits.  There are more slimmed down recipes to serve two.

Santa, I will be a better person next year.  I need to finish writing the book I promised the boys when they were in high school.



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