Gua Bao or Chinese Steamed Buns

Reading this post brought back vivid memories of my childhood. Funny how that works.


Gua Bao9

During my stay in Toronto, I ate a lot of…..A LOT OF food out. Not because I didn’t have an access to a kitchen or  I didn’t have the time to cook – but because Toronto is a food mecca and there is an insane amount of vegetarian options available. I loved it! One of the places that I ate a lot at was Pho Hung in Chinatown. I love Vietnamese food and used to visit the restaurant very frequently for their stir fry, summer roll and pho. There was another placed that I went to – Banh Mi Boys on Queen street…I loved their sandwiches. Although there was only one option (vegetarian) for me (lemongrass tofu) I still enjoyed it very much and went there a few times to try the sandwich in different buns. One of my favorite was the steamed bun…..soft, airy and melt in mouth good. Ever since I had that…

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