Gluten-Free Diet? Do You Like Heavy Metal?

A sizable number of people come into my practice and tell me that they feel better on a gluten-free diet, or they think that it is healthy. This is in line with most Americans who, when surveyed, feel that gluten-free is a healthier diet.[4]

We have recent evidence to suggest, at least from a cardiovascular standpoint,[5] that this is not the case. It is no healthier than a standard diet, and it may in fact be somewhat harmful for other reasons, including the removal of a lot of dietary fibers that you would otherwise consume and the reliance on things like rice and seafood-type products. There is evidence to suggest that the latter group of foods potentially has higher levels of heavy metals.

I’ve posted in the past about the gluten-free fad.  Now we have a study from the Mayo Clinic.



No Benefit to Gluten Free Diet (unless you have celiac disease) — Quartz

Source: A new study finds no benefit to going gluten free when you don’t have celiacs — Quartz

Source: Gluten-Free Diet Doesn’t Protect Against Heart Disease | Medpage Today

I’ve been following this fad for a while.  See this prior post and this this one also.

EAT WHOLE GRAIN BREAD.  There, I said it.