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High-protein ricotta pancakes. Even just writing that sentence makes me happy. We love pancakes, and when they’re simple, tasty and packed with protein we love them even more. Protein is important, and many people don’t get enough. If you’re not sure exactly how much protein you need then there’s a free guide and meal plan…

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I thought I’d re-post this post from Hurry The Food Up featuring several ricotta pancake recipes.  When I mentioned to a friend I gave a sample of my Ricotta Buttermilk Pancakes to the Tiny Taste Tester I got the following response:

“Ricotta what?

PANCAKES!  You have to start them young.  Hopefully if you raise ’em right they get to the peanut butter and pancake pinnacle of pancake heaven.


Tiny Taste Tester Tries Ted’s

I moved to Texas when I was 25 years old. It didn’t take long for me to develop a taste for Tex Mex. If you’re from Texas you crave Tex Mex. If you’re from Texas and you find yourself living in Oklahoma, you still crave Tex Mex because the restaurants in this state don’t make or serve Tex Mex. We have Okie Mex. Some restaurants do Okie Mex better than others. One of those places is Ted’s. The original Ted’s location near NW 63 and May Avenue in OKC opened in 1991. There are multiple locations in the OKC metro and the closest to us is 0.5 miles from the house. For the final installment of our Tiny Taste Tester series from this weekend we present:

The Tiny Taste Tester Ted’s Review

Tortilla chips. Very small pieces, thin, salty. Good chips. Four stars.

Small hand torn pieces of fresh flour tortillas dipped in queso. Each piece was savored for several minutes. Four stars.

Smashed Mexican Spiced Potatoes. Green chilies provide the predominant flavor profile. OK but not her favorite. She made a face. Two stars.

Refried beans. Mild flavor. Very tasty example. Four stars.

Guacomole. It’s green but doesn’t taste like any other green mush that comes in small jars. I don’t know what this is but I like it and I like it a lot! Five stars.

Overall 3.8 Stars. Tiny Taste Tester Approved.

Tiny Taste Tester


Meet my Tiny Taste Tester.  This post started as a Risotto recipe but somewhere I got off topic (I’ll return to risotto later).  When The Boss learned this Tiny Human was coming to the house for a weekend visit she got quite excited.  Then the orders began.

“Go to the store and buy some baby food.”

So I did just that.  Little did we realize that this small person was not limited to the mush you buy in jars and pouches.  We quickly began to realize our guest had worldly taste buds.  OK…back to risotto.  On most days I do a scan of what’s on hand and start thinking about what to make for dinner. When I gave The Boss a few options the other day  her reply was:

“Risotto.  You have never made risotto.”

I think I made risotto once but failed miserably.  But when I made risotto this past week it turned out pretty good.  When a cook makes something she has never made (or maybe just once and failed) and the dish turns out well you just can’t stop talking about it.  And when the father of the Tiny Human heard the story he asked for risotto for dinner.
So I thought to myself, I can do this even if I’ve only made it once successfully.

Last night the crawler got to sample my vegetable risotto.  We think she liked it because she asked for more.  Today the small person sampled Ricotta Buttermilk Pancakes.  When The Boss was eating her breakfast the Tiny Human crawled over and delivered her “more” sign, a small yet effective means of communication for the less vocally inclined.

Did I mention I can now make risotto?  Tiny Taste Tester Approved.





Lightfighter deadspace

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Album Notes
“Deadspace” refers to a part of the body that is available for its physiologic purpose, but for some reason is not being used, for example the air in a person’s mouth at the end of a breath that will not reach the lungs. A broader conception of this idea might be some sort of “undefined existence,” which is constant and pervasive in the emergency room, where lives are simultaneously beginning and ending. Very few occurrences can be defined well in absolute terms, and nothing can usually be very well explained. But we do our best to lead a good life, and, if we’re lucky, we may earn a good death.

Woonsocket traces the surreal rise and fall of a northern RI mill town, from its idyllic origins and through the boom of the industrial revolution to our current dual-epidemics of violence and opioid addiction.

Young and Reckless is a coming to age narrative built out of a collection of fragmented memories.

Oh Woman was the first song written by the group, and can be considered Rock Blues. It is a straightforward battle cry on navigating a new relationship.

Heaven and Hell is the only acoustic based song on the album. Heaven and Hell is a hopeless attempt to make sense of doctors’ and patients’ responses to devastating illness and injury.

In a Lie is fierce; created to be played live, distorted and loud. It is a simple tale of a past relationship and it’s dysfunction.

Protect the King was born after first witnessing what could only be described as a “good” death, as represented by it’s atypical structure. A young man at the end of his struggle with cancer decided to discontinue treatment and die peacefully, surrounded by his family. Although it was painful for them, they stayed with him and held him until he died.

The trio formed during their residency training in Emergency Medicine in Providence, Rhode Island. “deadspace,” the eclectic debut LP, was inspired by experiences old and new, and explores opposing forces.
Genre: Pop: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 2018
© Copyright – Lightfighter

Pepper Plant 2018

Every summer I try to grow something.  A few years ago I started a tomato plant that produced two tomatoes.  Then there was the cucumber plant that produced one cucumber.

This year’s confirmation of my Brown Thumb is a Gypsy Pepper plant.

It sure doesn’t look like the Gypsy Pepper plant pictures on Google Images.