Top 10 Plant-Based Research and News Stories of 2016 – Nutrition Studies

The whole food, plant-based diet continues to gain popularity as public figures and science promote the favorable consequences of this healthful lifestyle.

Source: Top 10 Plant-Based Research and News Stories of 2016 – Nutrition Studies

Good overview with links for further reading.

What’s In Your Hot Dog?

Source: What’s in your hot dog? A histological comparative analysis | Medical Journal of Australia

Where do we begin? The results of this study were surprising to these authors. Although the absence of identifiable squamous mucosa definitively refutes the oral and anal mucosa hypothesis, the truth, if possible, seems much worse. The surprising lack of skeletal muscle may have been depressingly expected; however, the wide variety of tissues present and the extensive amount of fat making up the majority of the specimen were not. And as stated before, the origin of the recognisable vegetable matter does not bear thinking about, but one result of this study is that these authors may never eat hot dogs again.