Craft Beer and Health

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Before I continue I admit I’m thinking about beer and it’s only 10:00 am.  But for years I’ve used my Saturday mornings to catch up on medical and health news.  Last night The Boss went to The Mall after work so dinner got pushed back.  By the time The Boss got home it was like “why cook?” so we went out to an Italian place for a quick meal.  I managed to eat an entire half tray sized piece of lasagna and I started thinking this can’t be good.

I woke up Saturday morning and expected the worst when I approached the bathroom scale.  Friday I was 190.  This morning I was…190!  There was no damage from the half tray of lasagna.

Must be the craft beer.

So with that thought in mind I wondered if craft beer (in absolute moderation of course) could possibly be healthy.  Click through on the link (yeah, I know the research is self-serving) but I found the article enlightening and there are plenty of legit reference links.

Tonight our tiny town in Oklahoma is having its very first foodie/craft beer/food truck/pop up store/live music street festival.  Roughtail brewery Roughtail Brewing Company | Home. will be serving two of their near beers (3.2 ABV).

I am excited.

The Tomato Plant – 2014 Final Update



The final tomato.  As you can see, the plant has stopped budding, all flowers have fallen off, and there has been no new growth for some time.

2014 Summary – 6 total fruit, 3 edible.

(unless this little fella ripens…)

The two pots of basil also did not do well.  Some folks have no difficulties growing basil  I seem to have the opposite effect on herbs.  The purple basil died during a short heat spell.  The other sweet basil plant (you can see the tip of the plant in the SW corner of the picture) is anemic.

Reminds me of the summer I tried to grow cilantro.  It’s easier for me to pay fifty cents at the store when I want fresh cilantro.

Memo to Self – scratch “farmer” of list of possible second act careers.

Gua Bao or Chinese Steamed Buns

Reading this post brought back vivid memories of my childhood. Funny how that works.


Gua Bao9

During my stay in Toronto, I ate a lot of…..A LOT OF food out. Not because I didn’t have an access to a kitchen or  I didn’t have the time to cook – but because Toronto is a food mecca and there is an insane amount of vegetarian options available. I loved it! One of the places that I ate a lot at was Pho Hung in Chinatown. I love Vietnamese food and used to visit the restaurant very frequently for their stir fry, summer roll and pho. There was another placed that I went to – Banh Mi Boys on Queen street…I loved their sandwiches. Although there was only one option (vegetarian) for me (lemongrass tofu) I still enjoyed it very much and went there a few times to try the sandwich in different buns. One of my favorite was the steamed bun…..soft, airy and melt in mouth good. Ever since I had that…

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Stroke Rounds: Potassium Tied to Lower Stroke Risk

via Stroke Rounds: Potassium Tied to Lower Stroke Risk.

Women (mean age 63.6) who consumed the most potassium each day (>3,193.6 mg) had a 12% lower overall risk of all stroke (hazard ratio 0.88, 95% CI 0.79-0.98) and a 16% lower risk of ischemic stroke (HR 0.84, 95% CI 0.74-0.96) when compared with women consuming very little potassium (<1,925.5 mg/day), reported Sylvia Wassertheil-Smoller, PhD, of Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, and colleagues.

I had a banana with breakfast.  I’m going to pop a few prunes now.